Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Beginning of Begonia!

I've managed to get 566 yards of lace weight (or at least as close as I could get to lace weight) yarn off the wheel for my Begonia Swirl Shawl.

It's a good start but I will need a couple hundred more yards.  This should keep me entertained for a while.

I'm finding that spinning for lace weight is a tad bit tedious and takes a little longer but I'm totally up for it right now.  I got a pretty good upper arm workout winding that many yards  into a cake to knit from too!  I was both excited and a bit nervous to get started on this pattern.  I just love the look of this shawl but I am always intimidated by knitting charts and this one definitely looked a little scary.  It's going to make for a really nice late 

night knitting project.  It's easier to concentrate when all my little hooligans are fast asleep.

This is last nights results.  Not bad if I do say so myself. ;-)  This is 100% alpaca and it's really soft and yummy!  Sooooo......so far so good!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The NEED to knit

I've always loved knitting but I'm feeling a NEED to knit here lately.  And it's going to have to be something other than the mindless kind too. No more mindless knitting while watching CNN for me....I need total complicated knitting distraction!  I generally find lace knitting to be a bit complicated so I set out searching for something with charts because charts scare the "you know what" out of me.  LOL!  I found this

The Begonia Swirl and I think it just might be the ticket.  Not only is it pretty but it has charts (Scary Charts),
 it requires concentration, and it's done in lace weight yarn so I will have to spin lace weight yarn to boot!  I've enlisted "Polly" (my Kromski Polynesian wheel)
for the task because it can spin perfectly fine singles for lace weight and she's a big wheel that can't easily be moved from the spinning room to in front of the TV.   That means I'll have to confine myself to the peace and quiet of the wheel room for several days at a time to get 822 yards of lace weight for the project.  Perfect!  I got a good start on it last night.
it's pretty tedious work getting the singles very fine so there's lots of stopping and checking
the yarn gauge on this handy little tool.  This should keep me distracted for a while although I may need a few more of these type of projects to see me through the next four years.  Sigh

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Do I or Don't I

That's the question.   This is that experimental fiber spun into singles.  It's kind of neat looking.

I've been trying to decide if I like it or not.  After plying it looks like this

which was not all that exciting.  ;-(

And it was even less exciting wound into a ball

but once I knit it into a swatch it was growing on me.  I actually kind of like it!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Who's that doggy in the window the mirror?!  He was convinced there was a new guy in town.   I can always count on Little Louie for a laugh!  Thank goodness for the antics of my little Hooligans.  They keep me going in these troubled times.  That and the wonderful warm weather.  It's been in the seventies here lately and you know what that means.....
fleece cleaning on the porch......and lord knows this fleece needs cleaning!  It took several washings to get to this.

I was quite pleased that I was able to get it this white.  It was one of the dirtiest fleece I've ever worked with!  I've spent a substantial amount of time 

and rolling it

into puni rolags and then I decided to use up some of the bits of fiber scraps I have accumulated over time

because it looked to white!  LOL!  I'm getting ready to feed my hungry wheels and I figure they need something bright and uplifting after the steady diet of 

rose grey they've had as of late.  I'm also toying with having a late night dyeing party too.  More on that later.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Blooming Good Day!

 I  opened my bedroom curtains this morning to my camellia bush in full bloom!

Now that's what I call starting the day out right.  We've had several balmy days here lately and everything is blooming including the farm field next to us.

Something very purple and pretty is happening over there too.   And then the mail came with more goodness.

Yummy smelling soap and adorable little heart shaped lotion bars from the wonderfully talented Araignee.  I love, love , love the card too!  She amazes me with all her crafty talents.  Just when I'm thinking this day can't get any better..... it does!  I turn on the TV to the news that "you know who" lost his bid to reinstate his unconstitutional travel ban!  YAY!!!!  Turns out there ARE checks and balances.  My faith has been restored!!  

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Last Straw

Click on the link above to view
The president of the United States is trashing his own country on national TV for the whole world to see and hear.  This is so NOT OK!!!  And if all you Trump supporters think it is you need to move to Russia and take him with you!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Charlotte Women Grab Back!!!

We were peaceful, pink pussy hats marching loud and proud and we were 10,000 strong!!!

There were women and men young and old and everything in between.

For as far as the eye could see!!  It was an amazing turnout and I was so proud to be a part of this historic event.