Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Beginnings

We're back..... with a new blog, a new farm, and new places to explore!  I'm still creating with wool, alpaca, llama, cotton....(yes....there are actually cotton fields here) and just about any fiber I can get my hands on.  That will never change but I did pack up the little hooligans, the horse, and the Gardener and headed for a warmer climate.  Well actually it was me, my son and three dogs (one prone to seizures) and one cat who really wasn't fond of the car,(at all!) stuffed into said car for a two day journey.  The Gardener flew and my horse traveled in a very cushy equine mobile.    Call me crazy but that last winter in the middle of nowhere nearly did me in!  No more " POLAR VORTEX " for us!  I plan on spending the rest of my days thawing out and enjoying this beautiful weather on my new porch.  I've added a new wheel to the mix too!  She's the direct result from me attending my very first fiber festival shortly after arriving here.   It's a Kromski Minstrel and she's a little cutie!  That's her on the left up there in the header,  She came in pieces like her big sister the Kromski Polonaise.  Once I got her all put together I took her immediately out to that new porch and started breaking her in.  She spins like a dream and likes to travel (unlike the cat)....now that's a perfect combination!!!  Just like the combination of green pastures in December.....BG is loving his new digs too!


  1. Welcome back!!! I'm glad to hear you are all settled down into the warmer climate but I have to admit I am going to miss your snowy posts. Sometimes that was all the snow I got all winter!

  2. Sorry. It is pretty this time of year for most people but it just got to be a bit much for us. I'm told that it does snow here sometimes (though rarely) so we could still have a snowy post from time to time!:-)