Thursday, December 17, 2015

Off the Wheels........

This is nearly a whole fleece of creamy soft camel colored alpaca spun into a nice 3 ply possibly waiting to become a cardigan sweater.....we'll see.....I have a pattern in mind, just have to adjust the sizing of the pattern and make sure there's enough there to finish the job.  It's a one size pattern and as luck would have it.......not my size!  I really like the pattern though so as I see it, I have two choices.  I can either follow the pattern as is and stop eating entirely for a year. :-0  Or find out how many stitches / inches I get with the yarn and needles and then multiply that times how many inches around I need.  I'm leaning towards the latter.   I'm really looking forward to eating my way through the Holidays! :-)  I still have to ply my way through the last three bobbins of singles before I commit to anything though.                                                                         The Minstrel has been hard at work too under the watchful eye of Levi. 

There's one large skein done and off the wheel with three bobbins of singles waiting to be plied so now all I have to do is get little miss Lilly Bean off the counter so I can make supper!                                                                                                                      

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  1. I had to pack my wheels away so I could fit the Christmas trees in the room and I'm so sad. I don't really have time to spin but it's nice knowing they are there. Your handspun as always is glorious. I may have to just go handle some fleece today to feel better!