Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sun Spinning.......

on the back porch in January.  Does it get any better than this?!  I think not!!!
I've finished three bobbins full of Merino singles under the watchfull eye of my dedicated staff..... I've lost the attention of Louie......
and Levi might not be fully engaged in the spinning either but at least they are all being quiet so I can spin and in my book that's a darn good staff!  Let's just hope they are all this good when I'm plying all these singles. I guess the secret to order in the spinning room is to move the whole process out of the room and onto the porch.  LOL!   I'm loving these Carolina winters.....
especially the sunsets!!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Here Today......Gone Tomorrow

This was the scene the day before "Jonas"

This was the scene outside the day of "Jonas"

Sigh.  That dreaded white stuff.  And this was the scene inside.
Although this may seem like a peaceful scene, I can assure you it really wasn't.  What you can't see is the unraveled mess of those sparkly socks I've been working on.  Not once, not twice but three times I had to rip out and start over.  I'm having a hard time even talking about it here!  If they don't start behaving they are going to be gone just like that dreadful white stuff the sun took care of the day after!
We were very fortunate to have been spared the brunt of the storm.  Out friends to the north were not so lucky and my thoughts are with them today as they try to dig out.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Flower Power.....

This is how I've chosen to weather the storm that's bearing down on us.  I guess it's going to be a doozy.  They've given it a name......Jonas......sounds serious to me.  I'm just going to crochet flowers and think Spring until is all over.  I'm working my way through an endless supply of you-tube flower making tutorials!!
Of course  I've taken all the usual steps to those frantic runs to the grocery store for everything I simply can't live with out if I'm stranded without power for a long period of time.  The store was filled with like minded people all vying for what seemed like the very same stuff I was pretty sure I couldn't live without.  I was to late for the milk.......that was long gone when I got there.......sidewalk salt was nowhere to be found either.  But I managed to get a fair amount of goodies to see us through.  I've filled every available container in the house with water, filled the car with gas, although I'm pretty sure it'll just be tucked away in the garage for the duration.  I sure don't want to be stranded on an ice laden highway for hours. I had the fire place cleaned, inspected and all ready to keep us warm.  I've even got marshmallows for roasting.  The whole place is completely ready to be engulfed in ICE.  Thank God for flower making tutorials!!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Wheel Room Drama !!!

Oh Dear!!!!  :-O  My beloved yarn ball winder has broken her little arm!!!!
This is not a good thing! :-(  I'm not at all sure I can manage with out this wonderful little gadget!  It's extremely useful and wildly fun for peeps like me.  I fear I may have over worked her in my zest to wind every single bit of yarn I could lay my hands on in the past couple of years.  I will have to purchase a replacement for her if I can't figure out some sort of a cast for her.  I managed to get a couple of balls of sock yarn wound for my next sock adventure by holding it in place with one had while winding with the other.  Talk about multitasking........good thing the phone didn't ring during that whole process!!  So these are the next socks on the needles.
This sparkly party yarn just showed up in my cart during a trip through JoAnn Fabrics the other day.......I don't want to can't explain how that happens but frequently it does, They're in that awkward and frustrating stage of sock making where you have to do that whole magic loop cast on for two at a time socks, and then spend the next several rounds trying to keep everything from twisting.  But I'm almost past it and so far everything looks good,  They're taking over the needles that these
just came off of.  It would appear I'm on a navy blue kick.  LOL!  Lilly is impressed with the sparkles!!
This CAN'T be a good thing!!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Boring the Staff.....

I've thrown myself lock-stock-and barrel into a big new project much to the disparage of my little canine "wheel room staff" here lately.  You see, I found this lovely vintage cardigan sweater....
pattern a while back and it's all I've been thinking about and planning for ever since I laid eyes on it.  I've imagined it in several different colors.....even spun an entire alpaca fleece for it.  Remember I blogged about it here .......Well I've changed my mind....and now I'm thinking I want it done in this gorgeous merino 
that was a free gift with the purchase of my "Mini" wheel.  I just think the pattern is screaming make me in this color please!!!!!  Problem is I haven't a clue as to if this will spin up enough three ply to get the job done.  What do ya think?  I've started carefully and meticulously spinning it into very fine singles....
measuring as I go with Reba (Grand puppy who's staying with us for a bit) staring up at me with this 
are you done yet look on her face.  No Pressure There!!!  LOL!  And apparently I've spun Levi right to sleep.
And then under my feet Louie is brutally murdering yet another of his squeaky toys.......
leaving me wondering "what are the odds of me getting this spun properly?"  The good news is no body's bored anymore and are instead staring at him from the outer boundaries of the living room in shock and horror!!!!  
I'm glad he's entertaining them all so I can spin in peace but slightly worried about this other side of his little personality!!!!  :-O

Monday, January 11, 2016

Sunday Fun Day.....

The Minstrel had her first official outing today.  Up till now she's only had short trips from the spinning room to the back porch and occasionally to the the living room in front of the TV for her work outs.  Today she got introduced to the car....

Then she got hoisted into the car.......:-0

along with a nice bag full of fiber, Little Louie (because Louie is basically spoiled rotten loves to travel and simply has to go every where I go) and we were off on a spinning adventure.  It was about a forty-five minute drive on a beautiful sunny 60 degree day,,,,,

have I mentioned lately how much I love this beautiful warm southern climate?  Although everyone here thinks it's cold (boy could I tell them a story or two about cold) I'm in my summer clothes and loving it!!  So anyway......back to the adventure.....we were invited to a historical spinning day at the Museum of the Waxhaws.  Of course we jumped at the chance to get out amongst fellow fiber fanatics like minded crafty peeps.   

There she cute little new travel companion.....I've named her "Mini".  Get it......Minstrel.....but because she's little "Mini".  Any way there she is all set up in a museum.... you can check that out here waiting to spend a very enjoyable afternoon meeting new friends and demonstrating the wonderful art of spinning !!  Louie was under that table in his little travel bag until he was noticed and then he stole the show!  :-)  He spent the rest of the day in various people's laps and under there wheels.  There was a Great Wheel on display too.  I'm fascinated by those!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Quick Look Back

Twenty fifteen was a year of big changes......wonderful changes.  These changes took a lot of planning, searching, packing and courage but so worth every nail-biting moment of it for it all brought us here for our very first Carolina Christmas!  It was a long journey through many states, all with interesting and different landscapes.  The closer we got to Carolina the prettier it got!  The mountains were breathtakingly beautiful......

I was in awe all the way through them and long to return again and again in the new year.  I spent my whole life to this point in the very cold and snowy north and I'm so very grateful to be thawing out in this beautiful state!  I've come to the conclusion that I was a closet southern country gal trapped in the frozen tundra of the north.  I was never really into that whole snowy Christmas thing.  I'm very happy to have said goodbye to huddling by the fireplace in several layers of clothing trying to stay warm.  This Christmas was spent with family gathered around the fire on my back patio in shorts and flip flops!  YAY!!!! ;-D

Much to my amazement, I still managed to get a few gifts done after all the unpacking and settling in was accomplished.

The afghan was for my son who was the major force in getting us here.  Bless his heart!  I will be forever grateful! The hat was a gift for my son-in-law who also pitched in for the big move and the socks.....well.....socks are pretty much a constant around here.  There's always at least two or three pair hanging out on the needles waiting for attention! 

And now I would like to wish you all a very Happy & Blessed New Year!!!  Let the new projects begin!!