Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Boring the Staff.....

I've thrown myself lock-stock-and barrel into a big new project much to the disparage of my little canine "wheel room staff" here lately.  You see, I found this lovely vintage cardigan sweater....
pattern a while back and it's all I've been thinking about and planning for ever since I laid eyes on it.  I've imagined it in several different colors.....even spun an entire alpaca fleece for it.  Remember I blogged about it here http://thewellfedwheel.blogspot.com/2015/12/off-wheels.html .......Well I've changed my mind....and now I'm thinking I want it done in this gorgeous merino 
that was a free gift with the purchase of my "Mini" wheel.  I just think the pattern is screaming make me in this color please!!!!!  Problem is I haven't a clue as to if this will spin up enough three ply to get the job done.  What do ya think?  I've started carefully and meticulously spinning it into very fine singles....
measuring as I go with Reba (Grand puppy who's staying with us for a bit) staring up at me with this 
are you done yet look on her face.  No Pressure There!!!  LOL!  And apparently I've spun Levi right to sleep.
And then under my feet Louie is brutally murdering yet another of his squeaky toys....... video
leaving me wondering "what are the odds of me getting this spun properly?"  The good news is no body's bored anymore and are instead staring at him from the outer boundaries of the living room in shock and horror!!!!  
I'm glad he's entertaining them all so I can spin in peace but slightly worried about this other side of his little personality!!!!  :-O

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  1. That is just too cute! I have the same problem with my wheel. It attracts the cats who want to rub all over me and then Pup wants to climb in my lap. I just gave up for the afternoon because I couldn't stand all the attention. I do agree that color is perfect for the cardi. If it's not enough for that pattern it will certainly be enough for something else spectacular!