Friday, January 22, 2016

Flower Power.....

This is how I've chosen to weather the storm that's bearing down on us.  I guess it's going to be a doozy.  They've given it a name......Jonas......sounds serious to me.  I'm just going to crochet flowers and think Spring until is all over.  I'm working my way through an endless supply of you-tube flower making tutorials!!
Of course  I've taken all the usual steps to those frantic runs to the grocery store for everything I simply can't live with out if I'm stranded without power for a long period of time.  The store was filled with like minded people all vying for what seemed like the very same stuff I was pretty sure I couldn't live without.  I was to late for the milk.......that was long gone when I got there.......sidewalk salt was nowhere to be found either.  But I managed to get a fair amount of goodies to see us through.  I've filled every available container in the house with water, filled the car with gas, although I'm pretty sure it'll just be tucked away in the garage for the duration.  I sure don't want to be stranded on an ice laden highway for hours. I had the fire place cleaned, inspected and all ready to keep us warm.  I've even got marshmallows for roasting.  The whole place is completely ready to be engulfed in ICE.  Thank God for flower making tutorials!!


  1. Darn....forgot the marshmallows! Oh, well. One thing about storms around here is that they don't last long. They blow by, leave a mess and the sun comes out and makes quick work of it. I hope.

  2. LOL Well that's good. Where we came from the winter storms were down right lethal and the mess lasted until early June.

  3. Wow that all sounds a bit serious! But hurray for marshmallows!

    1. I know, right?! Caramel vanilla swirled marshmellows. I don't mess around. LOL!

  4. Perfect for the storm I LOVE your crochet flowers. Perhaps I'll try to make one!