Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sun Spinning.......

on the back porch in January.  Does it get any better than this?!  I think not!!!
I've finished three bobbins full of Merino singles under the watchfull eye of my dedicated staff..... I've lost the attention of Louie......
and Levi might not be fully engaged in the spinning either but at least they are all being quiet so I can spin and in my book that's a darn good staff!  Let's just hope they are all this good when I'm plying all these singles. I guess the secret to order in the spinning room is to move the whole process out of the room and onto the porch.  LOL!   I'm loving these Carolina winters.....
especially the sunsets!!!!!


  1. That looks like heaven! It was actually warm enough to spin outside here today too but I was in an ice rink all day. :(

  2. Stunning sunset . I love to look at horses!

  3. Spinning in the sunset, does it get any better than that :)