Sunday, January 17, 2016

Wheel Room Drama !!!

Oh Dear!!!!  :-O  My beloved yarn ball winder has broken her little arm!!!!
This is not a good thing! :-(  I'm not at all sure I can manage with out this wonderful little gadget!  It's extremely useful and wildly fun for peeps like me.  I fear I may have over worked her in my zest to wind every single bit of yarn I could lay my hands on in the past couple of years.  I will have to purchase a replacement for her if I can't figure out some sort of a cast for her.  I managed to get a couple of balls of sock yarn wound for my next sock adventure by holding it in place with one had while winding with the other.  Talk about multitasking........good thing the phone didn't ring during that whole process!!  So these are the next socks on the needles.
This sparkly party yarn just showed up in my cart during a trip through JoAnn Fabrics the other day.......I don't want to can't explain how that happens but frequently it does, They're in that awkward and frustrating stage of sock making where you have to do that whole magic loop cast on for two at a time socks, and then spend the next several rounds trying to keep everything from twisting.  But I'm almost past it and so far everything looks good,  They're taking over the needles that these
just came off of.  It would appear I'm on a navy blue kick.  LOL!  Lilly is impressed with the sparkles!!
This CAN'T be a good thing!!!!!

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  1. Oh, the socks though and the yarn. I do know about that twisty thing that goes on with Magic Loop and I was just thinking about starting the socks on doublepoints and then transferring them over when they are a few inches long. I do love the Magic Loop but I HATE getting them started.