Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Gathering!!!!!!

Every evening at five thirty sharp there's a gathering here.  A really, really BIG gathering!!  Just outside of the spinning room.  You hear them first....... birds...... millions of the distance.  Coming closer and closer!  It gets loud, vert, very loud!!!!!  And Louie being Louie heads for the windows with that high pitched Yorky voice of his ......

and in a flash is joined by Levi who's trying his best to prove Poms can  out bark Yorkies anyday.....

and between the birds and the dogs you can't hear your self think.  They start gathering in the trees.....all the trees.

And we have a lot of trees.

They wait up there in the trees chattering amongst themselves loudly until the gardener gets BG all tucked into his stall for the night and then it gets really crazy.  They fly in these wild formations.....swirling back and forth....round and round....

The air is full of them.......the ground is full of them.....

It's like something straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie!!   YIKES!!  :-o  I'm not sure what's crazier........the fact that there are so many of them or that they come at the very same time every evening!!!!!!  


  1. That is strange. I've seen that from time to time but not on a regular basis. Tell them to head up north. Spring is here, right?

    1. Right! But if they're heading back to where I used to live Spring doen't show up there until June!

  2. That is a huge gathering of birds! Kind of cool! I love wildlife in any form.

    1. It is cool but in a spooky kind of way. LOL!