Monday, February 15, 2016

Alpaca Fix

Can we say " Road Trip" !?!  Every now and again I just have to find myself some alpaca to get up close and personal with because they are without a doubt  the softest, sweetest, fluffiest and cutest animals on the planet as far as I'm concerned.   So I headed out last weekend in search of some and wound up spending some quality time with this guy.......

is this not a face to die for?!!  OMG!  With bangs like these who needs sun glasses!!  If I could have fit him in my car I would have!  He was clinging pretty close to his handler waiting nervously to enter the show ring.

I don't think he was all that enthused with the whole situation either.  Sooooo cute.  It's the first Suri Alpaca I have ever been up close and personal with and I loved him!

I had quite a nice conversation with these guys too.  

And OMG.........get a load of this handsome dude!!  You can clearly see he wants to come home with me can't you?!   It was all fun and games for me.....

but things were pretty serious downstairs in the show ring.  Brought back memories of my dog showing days.  It was a wonderful day and although I wasn't able to take any of those cutie pies home with me .....

I did manage to bring a few bags of their beautiful fleeces with me.  This should keep me going for a while.


  1. Wow!!!! You hit the jackpot. That's my kind of roadtrip!

  2. Where were you? I love their sweet adoring faces and long eyelashes! Nice fleece trip!

    1. I was at the Carolina Alpaca Celebration in Concord, NC. It was a blast! A whole day just hanging out with Alpaca and other Alpaca lovers like myself! Need I say more?! :-D