Friday, February 12, 2016

Ponchos are Back

Have you noticed?  Ponchos are making a come back.  You see them in all the clothing stores now and I'm so glad.  I  have always loved them.  They're so comfy and the perfect cover up when you just need a lite wrap, which is most of the winter and fall here.  It doesn't really get to terribly cold here all that often.  I just think they look so nice with jeans and a pair of high boots.  This one in particular has caught my eye
and I have just the perfect yarn for the job.  

I had originally thought of using this alpaca I had spun earlier this year for a cardigan pattern I want to make but I think it will work much better on this poncho.

I've managed to get a pretty good start on it in the last couple of days.  I struggled a bit with all the seed stitch as I'm not a big fan of switching back and forth between knit and purl but I do like the texture and look of it so with my eye on the end result I pushed through the first bout of it.  Then there was a fair amount of chart work where I had to actually pay close attention to stitch count and yarn overs and such.  Most of that had to take place late at night while the gardener and the little hooligans were all fast asleep.  Distractions and knitting charts just don't go together well, if you know what I mean. 

I'm into the long stretch of mindless stocking knit now while staring at the fire with my feet up.   


  1. I love ponchos too. I bought one way back in the 60's with my very first paycheck ever. I still have it. I never thought of knitting one. That pattern is gorgeous and perfect for your beautiful handspun.

  2. Well look at you go! I have noticed ponchos are back but they are now being called caplets again. Can't fool us! Your yarn is a perfect match.

  3. You inspired me . Its either a poncho or a shrug that I'm going to knit next!