Friday, March 25, 2016

A Blooming Surprise!!!!!!

A few days ago I was enjoying these pretty white flowering trees on my way to vote and wishing I knew what they were so I could plant one in my new yard.  Well, surprise surprise!!!!  I already have one in my yard..........

a baby one.......right next to the garden shed!  I noticed it when I finally looked up from my crazy new profect I've been working on.  Being the totally crazed sock knitter that I've become it just seemed like the logical next step would be to become totally addicted to knitting little mittered squares from all the left over sock yarn.

Right?!  I mean what else was I going to do with all these little bits of left over sock yarn?  And I'm not alone in this cuz I've seen several others doing the same thing so I'm pretty sure it's perfectly normal behavior.  I quess I'm looking for validation here becuase I'm getting very strange looks from the Gardener as I'm feverishly knitting one after another day and night in any spare moment I have.  When I told him it was going to become a blanket he laughed right out loud and said " in what century"??!!! :-O  So basically one could say that my sock knitting addiction has morphed into a mittered square knitting addiction!!!  Yikes!


  1. I have a huge bag of sock yarn leftovers that need something to do. I tried that puffy blanket thing but it didn't take. Someday I am going to have to deal with them and I hope I figure out something as nice as that's going to be! Hang in there. I love really long term projects. They keep you humble.

  2. I made a sock yarn blanket a few years ago. Still love it to death

  3. I just love yours! I have been doing an easier leftover sock yarn blanket for over a year. They are going to be wonderful and yes we will finish one day. I dont like long term projects but this one is gratifying now that I'm half done. I bet it takes me at least until Fall to finish mine. I'm not in the mood to knit it all the time. It is a great car knit though. I love yours!

  4. I just started knitting on a mitred square blanket. And yes, who knows how long it will take, but it's fun! And, really, that's the whole point!

    Yours is looking great. I only have one square so far. LOL