Monday, April 25, 2016

Porch Sittin.......Porch Knittin

I had a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend.  How was yours?  The weather here has been magnificent for several days in a row.  Saturday was sunny and warm and specially ordered for some serious "Porch Sittin" and "Porch Knittin".......
My little Hooligans were pretty much doing the "Porch Sittin"
while I on the other hand, settled into a most relaxing bit of "Porch Knittin".  When it got to warm on the back porch I simply moved to the front porch
and that was pretty much the extent of my exercise for the day.  The walk from the back to the front!  LOL!  I've had an awfully hectic couple of weeks here leading up to this weekend so I was ready for some peace and quiet and didn't feel the least bit guilty about the lack of exercise.  Sunday was another beautiful day of more "Porch Knittin" but I also did a bit of "Podcast Watchin".  I came across a rather interesting one called Fruity Knitting Podcast.  The link is here .  It's a relatively new podcast and the first episode was done in the most quaint cozy little window seat with Andrea and her husband (who also fun is that!!) along with their daughter and french poodle just chatting about various knitting projects they've finished.  I was immediately sucked in and settled into my window seat with some knitting of my own .
They were a very cute couple with a knack for simply sitting and chatting about knitting.  It was very calming and extremely interesting.  I learned that another word for sweater is jumper.  Lilly Bean seemed to be enjoying their calm conversation too.

She snuggled in for a closer look
and I thought....well how cute is this......she's actually watching a podcast with me!!  Just when I was thinking I should teach her to knit.....
her attention turned 
to something outside
wearing bight orange feathers and I had to pause the podcast to remove her from the top of the window ledge!!  So aside from that little incident, Sunday turned out to be every bit as relaxing as Saturday and I am now following the Fruity Knitting  Podcast and looking forward to the tutorials Andrea is promising!


  1. I love this post - and the pup and kitty pictures make it even better!

  2. I will check out the podcast. Seems Everyone is doing them now ...they are fun

  3. I'm so happy to see your "gang" in action. I think you are the only other blogger I know who understands why very little gets done if the gang isn't cooperating. Pup is staring me down right now.

  4. Lily Bean is ADORABLE!!!

    Your porch looks like a beautiful place to sit and knit.

  5. Your hooligans look they were having a grand time.

  6. Oh the hooligans look like they could get up to some hijinks! I love porch knitting. I like how you can have the best of both worlds in the back AND front! I was just starting to daydream knit when I saw Lilly Bean! OMG she's sooo fluffy!!