Monday, April 4, 2016

Spa Day .......Spin Night

Everything in my life has pretty much been on hold lately because I'm basically being held hostage by a certain sock yarn blanket.  I'm starting the fourth row of it and me thinks it's starting to register that this may take a while to finish.

  My poncho is half done and waiting patiently for my attention.  I have a pair of socks with just the toes done tossed in a to do basket and a bunch crispy little critters in dire need of  baths and hair cuts so I had to tear myself away from the mitered squares for an all hands on deck spa day.
This is not the look of a happy Yorkie!  Lilly Bean on the other hand is quite pleased and all perched and ready to watch the whole process.  She loves terrorizing the dogs so this is right up her alley.
I have to move through this process rather quickly cuz it can get pretty ugly in a hurry.  That's three and half pounds of slippery  when wet very pissed off ready to leap out of the sink canine right there!
Wait till he finds out he's getting his nails clipped too........he totally loses his patience  with me during that whole process! :-0  I'll be lucky if I still have all my fingers left for spinning that rose gray alpaca this evening.
I've almost got one bobbin of singles done and I need all my fingers to finish!  LOL


  1. Too funny! We just did the clip thing ourselves. Everyone got a puppy cut for spring. It was Pup's first and she was not amused but looks so much better. Both her and the Maltese have terrible allergies so this has not been a fun spring. Itch, itch, itch.
    The singles look lovely and yes, you do need all your fingers!

  2. Oh my! That is one unhappy pooch. It probably doesn't help that LilyBean is sitting there all smug knowing that SHE isn't getting a bath. LOL

  3. Oh I love the wet yorkie! Something in me wants two yorkies someday.....
    Do you bath Lily Bean? I need to bathe 3 of my 4 cats soon.
    Dry skin in this winter and dandruff flakes on pretty black coats mean bathtime

    1. I do bath Lilly Bean. She doesnt mind the fact the sink is her favorite place to hang out. The hair blower is a whole other story though!

  4. My sock yarn blanket took about two years - it's definitely a long-haul project. But it was well worth it.