Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Half Way There

Remember that poncho I'm working on....
well I'm halfway there.  
I'm pretty sure I'd be done with it by now if it weren't for this seriously out of control addiction I have to mitered squares.  It's been painfully neglected ever since I discovered how to use up left over sock yarn.  But I did manage to pull myself away from the squares long enough to finish the front half of it
and cast on for the back side during all the thunder storms that rolled through here today.
Let's just hope I have enough yarn to finish....
or I'm going to have to find , wash, card and spin some more from what's left of that alpaca fleece.  So now it will be traveling to  MDSW in a project bag instead of on my back!


  1. Great Progress. I Love it. It is going to be perfect. Keep going!

  2. Woo hoo...MDSW!!!! I hope it is going to be cool enough for a poncho. Right now it is warm and muggy. Not looking good for the wool socks and shawl this year-again.

  3. That yarn and pattern are PERFECT together.

  4. Oh man you make that poncho look so good. What a great pattern!