Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Home Again Flannagan!

Can  we say road and my girls (and of course Louie) headed out early Friday for DC.  The first four hours went along smoothly and we were right on schedule but then we ran into some heavy rain as we got further north and surprise, surprise.....people just don't adjust their speed like they should and you guessed it.....

there was a major pile up on the belt way just ahead of us.  We were stranded at a complete stand still while ambulances (I counted 15), squad cars, fire trucks, and various wrecker trucks proceeded to carry the injured to hospitals and clear away a semi truck (don't get me started on these guys!!) and 12 wrecked cars from the highway ahead of us.  We spent the next hour and a half or so praying for the injured, giving each other makeup make overs, trying to keep Louie entertained and taking selfies.
It was just enough of a delay to bring us into DC right during rush hour but at least we got there safe and sound which is more than I can say for all those poor people involved in the crash.  The rest of the trip was a blast!  Louie was amazed at how many dogs live in the city.
He insisted on sticking his head out the window for a closer look.  We visited all sorts of monuments...

my little first place gymnest grand daughter struck a pretty impressive pose at the base of this one.
and she did cartwheels and back flips all the way down Pennsylvania avenue to the 
White House!!  We wined and dined in fancy resterants, shopped in George Town, saw the city from the roof top terrace of my son's office building...
and sipped on fancy coffee.
And of course I couldn't get this close to the MDSW festival with out feeding my fiber fix.  It was my very first visit to this festival
and I have to say I have never before seen that many people in one place at one time.....EVER!!  Yikes!  It was a bit over whelming but fun.
I spent a good hour and a half waiting in line in this building to pay for
this wonderful eight pound bag of glorious "Misty" Merino from Mendenhall Wool Ranch.  Check out that crimp!!!!  Love it!  Can't wait to spin it!


  1. That was some road trip! You did it all and then some. That Merino looks amazing. I'd have stood in line for it too!

  2. Love your DC photos! Louie looks quite impressed by it all!

    Looks like you had a good time at MSW!

  3. That crimp is amazing ! Way to make the most of the car delays!

  4. Im casting on a poncho! Thanks for monday meme play along. Love your answers

  5. I love all the photos of your trip! I love the gymnast photo. What a great time.!!