Saturday, May 28, 2016

Taking Back My Porch!!!

Ok.....sorry about the lack of posts here lately.  I've been busy waging a full out war with those little birds I posted about here  It's been a constant battle to gain back my knitting porch!  I'm talking full out war.....the little buggers got vicious.....and talk about stubborn.  They just wouldn't leave.  I'd kick them out and they'd just come back.  They even went and got reinforcements!  At one point I was battling five of them dive bombing me on my back porch!!  :-O  It's been a real challenge but I'm not one to back away from a challenge!  Ex specially when it comes to my porch knitting! Hopefully they've gotten the message after I took the spray bottle after them today.  Don't get me wrong......I love birds.....but I love my knitting porch more!!  LOL

In other news...... I've been making great progress with the poncho....
but I'm a little nervous that I won't have enough yarn left to finish.  Just have the one cake left....I think it's about 189 yards.  If not I'll have to spin some more and that will delay the finish a bit because I have all of this

heading for the wheels next week.  I've got some serious carding to do this weekend.  I've been busy washing and drying fleece
in between battles with the birds.

Oh,,,,,and I found a new podcast to watch while knitting.
It's called LegacyKnitz and Louie loves it too cuz there's a cute little white doggy in it!  See it's cute little white face there at the bottom of the screen.  It caught his attention immediately!  LOL!  So now I am watching both this one and the Fruity Knitting one.  Oh and Grace and Frankie on Netflix.....I totally love that show!  I should have paced myself though because I binge watched all 13 episodes of season two in about three nights!  I just can't get enough of that show.



  1. I love Grace and Frankie too. Who knew Jane Fonda could be so funny-and those husbands....hilarious!
    Sorry to hear about the bird troubles. That's just crazy. I'm that way with the bugs but I've already lost this year. Your fiber is making me twitch. I lost all my fiber washing weather to all that rainy weather we had in May. I'm glad I didn't spend the money on a new fleece this year. I'll have to dig around to find something for the TdF.
    Louie watches TV? That's awesome.

  2. Hope your battle with the birds is done. The poncho yarn is very pretty! Have fun porch knitting.

  3. Silly birds! Can't have them ruining your porch knitting!

  4. The poncho is going to be so lovely! That yarn is so pretty.

    Grace and Frankie cracks me up. Like you, I never thought of Jane Fonda in a comedic role. I'm purposely watching it an episode at a time, so it lasts longer. :-)

    The one thing I miss with our house is having a porch. I love porches, for knitting and for everything else.

  5. You know I'm excited for your poncho, but I am cracking up over here at the cat engrossed in the podcast. hehehehe.

  6. I too love Frankie and Grace. My daughter got me started on it.