Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Playing Catch Up

Oh dear.....I'm so behind in my blogging and blog reading!  I've been sooooo busy with my fiber that I've gotten behind in the blogging.  I will catch you all up with the fiber stuff but first I must get to Kathy B's Monday Q & A!

1.Do I prefer Hummingbirds or butterflies?  Hmmmm.  I love them both!  So much so that I have fake ones in my house!

My little wooden humming bird hangs out in the living room in the tree by the clock.....

and my little butterfly is perched on the table lamp in the hallway.  :-)
I love the real ones outside too.....just don't have any pictures of them yet.                                                                                                     
2.  Boxed water or bottled water?  :-0  Neither.....I only like it from the dispenser on the fridge!

3.  For next to your skin softness do you prefer cashmere, angora, alpaca or acrylic?  Well that's easy......cashmere.....but I have to settle for alpaca most of the time.

4.  Do you have an interchangeable needle set or individual circs?  

Both!  I love my Knit Picks interchangeable set and my individual circs.

5.  Do you prefer an alcoholic drink before, during or after dinner?  I'm not much of a ocationally have a glass of wine during dinner though.

6.  What cuts into your knitting time?  Not pretty much takes precidence over everything!  

7.  Would you rather have a snow storm as in blizzard or a heat wave with violent storms?  Yikes!!!!  Neither!  I prefer perfection.  LOL  If we could leave off the whole storm thing, I'd take heat over snow anyday.

8.  You just won an all expense paid trip to a fiber festival...would you go alone or brlng a pal?      Well, I'd try and bring a pal but if a pal wasn't available I'd definately go alone!  Never pass up a free trip to a fiber festival!!!