Friday, July 29, 2016

That End Game

Check this out......

my scrappy blanket is growing in leaps and bounds!  At this rate I may have it done by Christmas.  I've been gleefully adding square after square in every free moment I have.   The temps outside are sizzling and I'm hold up in the AC knitting one square after another in reckless abandonment with literally no thought as to how many messy little strings are hanging from each and every square on the back side of this thing!

I mean...seriously....what in the world was I thinking!!  What a mess!!  I just get so excited about what my next color will be and how it will match up to it's neighbor.  I kept telling myself......"self, this is going to get you in the end" but self was paying no attention to those little voices until I was taking these photos to brag about how far I've gotten on this thing and it was like WHOA.....self needs to get a handle on this like RIGHT NOW!!!  With you all as my witness, I'm pledging from here on out I'm going to weave in each and every end before I add the next square!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Spun and Spinning......

I've got all my wheels in motion right now......

the wheel room is brimming with glorious fiber fluff in various forms

in an all out effort to try and get beyond the sadness and complete horror of the events unfolding in this country.  I've gotten quite a lot spun already.

And my plan is to do my part in the voting booth this fall to set the wheels in motion to get this country I love back on track.   We simply must put an end to all this intolerance, hate and violence.