Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Spun and Spinning......

I've got all my wheels in motion right now......

the wheel room is brimming with glorious fiber fluff in various forms

in an all out effort to try and get beyond the sadness and complete horror of the events unfolding in this country.  I've gotten quite a lot spun already.

And my plan is to do my part in the voting booth this fall to set the wheels in motion to get this country I love back on track.   We simply must put an end to all this intolerance, hate and violence.


  1. Love that last yarn - it looks so warm!

  2. I wouldn't be able to spin any of it. It's too pretty to touch!
    I couldn't bring myself to watch or listen to the news at all last week. I can't take anymore hate speak. No one's listening. Everyone is just spewing.

  3. The wheel room is bursting! What a great round up of lovely fiber! Yeah, I can't with the news either right now. I took comfort in knitting in bed to Law & Order reruns ...