Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Quiet Weekend

It was a quiet weekend and I can assure you it was much appreciated.  I would like to thank you all for your concern and good wishes for little Levi.  He seemed to adjust to the higher dose of meds quite well and there were no more seizures thank goodness.  He even took to chasing Lilly Bean (this is perfectly normal behavior for here) along with little Louie( his partner in crime).  Lilly Bean was in her glory.......she loves getting them going.  It's her favorite pastime.  We have all caught up on our lost sleep and I even got in some much needed Knitting time.
Remember this?

 Well a fairly good bit of it has been turned into this and then spun into a very nice ( if I do say so myself

DK weight yarn 

that I'm using for the Order of the Garter cardigan pattern I just purchased on Ravelry.  

I got a pretty good start on it and then I got totally confused at the armhole shaping.  Sigh.  Spent the next two days staring at the pattern and reading the same paragraph over and over thinking somehow I would become enlightened as to how to proceed but it just wasn't happening.  No matter how many times I read that darn thing it just wasn't registering.  I finally resorted to checking out Ravelry to see if anyone else was working on the same pattern and thank goodness a fellow Raveler was and emailed me how she worked it.  What a relief.....I was able to get more work done on it this evening.  I love the look of this cardigan!  So simple yet elegant.  Can't wait to finish it!  Of course it's going to be a spin as I go project so could take a while.


  1. Rav to the rescue! I'm looking forward to seeing this one come along. The stitches look so nice and even. You spun some mighty pretty yarn!

  2. Gorgeous from start to finish!

  3. That cardigan is going to be just lovely.

  4. Lovely. I like the progression photos! I hate it when you get a bit of frustration in the middle of great progress on a piece.