Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fingers Crossed....

I've been a little missing in action here lately because I've had my hands full with this little guy.

He was doing so well on his seizure meds until he wasn't.  It's such a scary and frustrating condition he has.  We had everything under control for a very long time and then suddenly out of the blue the seizures were back making for some pretty traumatic hours the other night.  And since all my little hooligans sleep with me in the same room it was a pretty wild night to say the least.   I always give him ice cream after he comes out of a seizure to help balance his little system and I was starting to think he was having seizures just to get the ice cream.  And of course if you give one ice cream they all want ice cream so there we were .......all having ice cream in the middle of the night.....and pretty much all night long!! I am so grateful for his wonderful Veterinarian here.  She is so efficient and always accommodating.  She met us at the office at the crack of dawn to address his problem.  Tests were run and thank goodness all were normal so she simply upped his doses on some of the meds and we were back home only a little worse for wear and totally sleep deprived.  Levi is kind of groggy on the new dose and that has the others a bit concerned.

Lilly Bean can't figure out why she isn't getting a rise out of him from her high counter.

Louie has been sitting in front of him looking worried because he always helps him chase and harass Lilly Bean and he's tried every thing he can think of to get a rise out of him and nothing is working.  Sophie, on the other hand is hiding in the bedroom catching up on her lost sleep and I'm sure just grateful for the quiet.  She's never been a fan of those three and their crazy games anyway!

And I'm trying to stay awake long enough to finish some plying but that may not happen

because Levi has recovered and is giving me his "more ice cream please!" stare and Louie 

has decided to take on Lilly Bean all by himself in the kitchen.  This doesn't always turn out well so looks like there will be no spinning today.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the new dose will keep those darn seizures under control again and we can all get back to our normal crazies!!  :-)


  1. Oh, no. I hope the worst is over. Poor baby. Poor you!

  2. Poor baby! Hope the meds do the trick!

  3. Poor sweetie! Hopefully he is just out of it while adjusting to the medication changes. I really hope he'll be OK. Give them all a kiss from me.

  4. Oh no. It's always tough when our babies aren't feeling well.