Thursday, September 29, 2016

My Soaps are Here!!!

They arrived this morning!!!!!  

A great big Thank You to !  This is the very first blog I started reading way back when.  I enjoy  reading her blog so much that I was inspired to start one of my own.  She's one very talented lady with so many crafting accomplishments and endless energy.  I'm amazed at her soap making skills.  This stuff is to die for!  It all smells divine and is so beautifully packaged.

My knees and elbows cry out for these

lotion bars and my feet can't wait to try her new bath fizzies.  I bought a special little foot tub just for the occasion.  

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Tomorrow Reba is coming to stay with me and my hooligans for a spell

while her Daddy is off galavanting.  The Gardener and I love when she comes to stay with us!  She's such a sweet heart.  So well behaved.  Unlike my little group of hooligans.  I haven't told Lilly Bean yet

that she'll soon have another pair of eyes catching her in the act of her shenanigans.

Reba's quite fascinated with Lilly Bean.

There'll be a lot of observing from various angles.

She likes to keep her in her sights at all times

and quite often enlists the help of the rest of the gang

making it nearly impossible for her to pull off her normal mischief.  So I think I will wait till the last minute to inform Lilly Bean   :-)  It's all very entertaining for the Gardener and I !!!

Friday, September 16, 2016


This morning I picked up the stitches for the left sleeve cap shaping for the THIRD (sigh) time on my Order of the Garter cardigan.  I think we can safely say the wrap and turn technique has given me a run for the money.  It wasn't so much the wrap and turn part.....I got that OK.....but for some odd reason I had trouble on the way back finding the wrapped stitch to knit it together with the stitch before it.   And then I was in a state of denial for several rows each time so it has set me back a bit time wise but I've mastered it now.  Thank God!

I don't know why I had so much trouble with this either.  I've done short row shaping a lot on socks before but for some reason the brain just took a time out on this one.  I've been totally taken hostage on this cardigan lately.  Much to the despair of my scrappy blanket.  And my poor neglected poncho is hanging out in it's bag patiently waiting for me to knit the last few rows of it.  This new kid on the block is consuming all my time.  I love the i-cord trim on it.

That was fun to do and really finishes the edges so neatly.

So now I have to finish the rest of the left sleeve all the while hoping I can retain the the wrap and turn technique for the right sleeve.  Wish me luck!  ;-)

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Weathering the Storm....

Hermine payed us a visit today and was quite well behaved here I have to say......just a lot of rain and a little bit of wind.  Nothing to outlandish thank goodness but I was knitting up a storm inside.  I've got a regular garter stitch marathon going on.  I joined my very first KAL for some incentive on getting my Order of the Garter cardigan finished.  And it's working because I'm making some pretty good progress on it.

That's what happens when you discover that one ambitious gal has already finished hers!!  I need to get my you know what in gear.  I need to get about 4 more inches done before I can start the trim.

Then it will be on to the sleeves!