Saturday, September 24, 2016


Tomorrow Reba is coming to stay with me and my hooligans for a spell

while her Daddy is off galavanting.  The Gardener and I love when she comes to stay with us!  She's such a sweet heart.  So well behaved.  Unlike my little group of hooligans.  I haven't told Lilly Bean yet

that she'll soon have another pair of eyes catching her in the act of her shenanigans.

Reba's quite fascinated with Lilly Bean.

There'll be a lot of observing from various angles.

She likes to keep her in her sights at all times

and quite often enlists the help of the rest of the gang

making it nearly impossible for her to pull off her normal mischief.  So I think I will wait till the last minute to inform Lilly Bean   :-)  It's all very entertaining for the Gardener and I !!!


  1. Lily Bean is GORGEOUS! Look at all the floofy fur!!!

    Hope she enjoys Reba's visit. I look forward to seeing the evidence ---uhhh, I mean photos!

  2. That is just too funny. Happy critter sitting!

  3. That pup looks chock full of fun!
    And LillyBean is so darn pretty.