Sunday, November 27, 2016

Turkey Day Recap

Turkey Day was a total success......the day before not so much!  The drama started a week or so before when the dishwasher decided to stop working and as we all know that is simply not acceptable on the biggest dish washing day of the year.   So in a last ditch effort to remedy the situation a new dishwasher was ordered and to our amazement would be delivered the very afternoon before the big day.   The delivery people were here "Johnny on the Spot" and all set to hook it up.  Turkey day was saved......all was good.......until the water valve under the sink broke off in the guys hand and water began spraying all over the kitchen!  This set in motion mad dashes to the well to shut off the whole water supply to the house!  One of the installers injured his back in the effort and the other one stepped into a mound of fire ants that immediately began crawling up his leg and biting him.  They couldn't get out of here fast enough after that and I can't really blame them even though that left us with trying to get a plumber on the day before Thanksgiving because otherwise we would have no water for dish washing of any kind or anything else for that matter.   But's gets better....just before it gets worse again.  We managed to get a plumber but he couldn't get here until midnight.. but least he was coming and we were thankful for that.  We would have water and he would hook up the new dishwasher.  YAY......right?!?  We were back in business.....NOT.....  it took him until 2:00 AM and $$$$ to figure out that the delivery people had brought us a faulty dishwasher, so the expensive late night emergency plumber left and we went to bed exhausted with a now extremely expensive nonworking dishwasher for the big day!  We still don't have a working dishwasher to this day but Turkey day was a success all the same.

Son-in-law was in charge of frying the's tradition.....he's an awesome cook!

My girls made the punch

and the gardener and I were so thankful to be surrounded with family.

Grand pup was soaking up tons of love and attention

while Levi and Sophie waited patiently for people food to drop in their direction.

And when Louie wasn't busy hogging the big chair,

he was hoping no one would notice 

just how close he was to getting a piece of that sweet potato pie and ice cream!  It was a wonderful day filled with good food, love, laughter and plenty of helping hands with all those dishes!!!  :-)


  1. I think I am totally in ♥ with Louie!!!!!

    I hope that the place that sold you the dishwasher has made everything RIGHT by now! Wow! I would have been a not very nice person.

  2. Oh, no....too much drama right before a holiday. Poor you.
    Louie is adorable sitting there like a big boy. My girls have been loving the turkey leftovers this weekend. I hate to tell them that they are all gone.

  3. After all that drama - you deserved a good day!

  4. Oh boy. When it rains it pours for sure. IM so sorry . The worst is the expense of it all. Blech. HOpe the company helps out in some way since they certainly affected your whole HOliday

  5. I am so glad you had water but so sorry about the dishwasher/plumbing mess. Yikes! It always happens during a holiday doesn't it?

  6. Despite that dishwasher/plumbing problems (ugh) it looks like it was a successful Turkey Day! Funtimes with lots of tasty treats. The best kind of days. I love a fried turkey. I miss them. The picture of pup with pie is too cute.