Saturday, December 31, 2016

Knitting in the New Year

There's a warm fire glowing in the fireplace, Pandora's playing quietly in the background.....
my little hooligans are sleeping at my feet, even my sweet Reba is here for an extended stay with her Grandma and Grandpa.  It's a pretty good way to say goodbye to 2016 if you ask me.  We love when she comes to stay!  It's lucky for us her person loves to keep his mother in a state of worry travel so we can enjoy her company.  He's off gallivanting again...... far far away.  So far that it's already the new year there.  I just hate when he picks places to visit that entail loooooong plane rides over oceans.  I will be glad when this latest adventure of his is over and he's back home safe and sound but that won't be for several weeks so I'm just going to honker down and knit.  Maybe get the wheels going again.  They have been taking a Holiday nap.  Reba loves when I spin.....NOT!  LOL!  She's been busy trying to get Lilly Bean's attention.  We were thinking, how cute is that, she's trying to share her new toy with her......
but Lilly wasn't falling for it.  She always heads for higher ground.  LOL  She's totally bossy with the hooligans but she's intimidated by Reba's size.  It's all very entertaining for me and it keeps my mind off
the sad state of affairs in this country right now.  Between the critters and my knitting I'm hoping to keep just busy enough to get through the coming years with my nerves in check.
I've been paying a lot of attention to my scrappy blanket and it shows.  I'm having trouble fitting it into the photo shots now.  There's still a ways to go on it though so I hope the power grid stays in tack.  Seems as though the Russians have been hacking into that too.  Fasten your seat belts folks.  It's looking like 2017 might be a turbulent ride.


Saturday, December 24, 2016

I've found a new to me dish cloth pattern and consequently have spent days knitting one after another, after another, after another!  The pattern can be found here Ravelry 4-corner Dish Cloth  Check it out.  It's a really nice pattern and it's free.  YAY!

 It's Christmas Eve and I'm still knitting them!  Yikes!   I need to pull myself away now to help with dinner.  I'm in charge of the table setting and salad making.  I think I can handle that.  :-)  MERRY  CHRISTMAS  EVERYONE!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Catching up...

I've been under the weather since just after Thanksgiving.  And I mean really under the weather!  I'm in the third week of battling a mean old bug that just doesn't want to give up.  I spent the first week to sick to knit.  Now that's sick!  LOL!  My spirits were lifted yesterday when the postman brought me another wonderful soap package from Araignee's Tangled Web who's having a tad bit of her own Holiday stress at the moment.
Her soap making talents are second to none and her packaging is simply adorable!  It's just a joy to recieve!  Thank you so much Deb and I hope things settle down and come around for you soon.  I'm so behind with my Holiday prep but there are a few signs of Christmas starting to apear around the house.
And I've picked up my knitting again!
I've managed to go from this....
to this....
and this nearly sent me back to the " to sick to knit " stage
but I stuck with it and I now have the "Emmeline" cardigan finished in time for Christmas.  Now all I have to do is finish decorating, start shopping and begin a marathon of baking!!!