Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Good Cause

So the snow storm has passed on leaving only a small amount of snow here (YAY!) but the cold is lingering.  When it gets this cold and there is no snow cover for insulation guess what happens to water lines.  They freeze!   Which is precisely what ours did. In hind sight I prolly shouldn't have prayed so hard for no snow because now we are without water until the warmer weather returns.  We are hoping by Tuesday.  Any and all prayers for warmer weather soon will be greatly appreciated.  :-)  Oh.......and have you seen this?

It's a really fun Pussy Hat Project.  Get it?  Pussy Cat......Pussy Hat.  It's a cute play on words to draw attention to a really good cause.  They are asking knitters to join the fun and help keep all those brave women who will be attending the Women's March in DC warm.  I came across it on Mereknits blog and couldn't wait to start knitting one.  The hats have cute pussy cat ears and they should all be pink or shades of pink.   I can't wait to see all those pink heads at the National Mall in DC on Jan. 21st.

The free cute pattern is here along with all the info on the cause and the march.  So if you like to knit hats and you're feeling a bit out of sorts about the incoming administration grab your needles and dive into that stash for a splash of pink and let's make ourselves heard.  And seen! 


  1. Hope your pipes warm up soon.

  2. I know I must have some pink yarn around here somewhere.....

  3. Thank you for posting about this project. Be prepared you just might get some negative comments. Regardless I finished my first hat yesterday and will start number two today. Hope your pipes start working.

  4. YAY! I tell you the pink yarn is running low all over the LYS hehe. I love it. I am hoping to dig some out myself, but I'm sure no one will be mad if my hat is purple, right?

  5. In response to your question on my blog.

    The blue yarn is Cascade Heritage
    The speckled yarn is Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet 100