Saturday, January 7, 2017

It's here!

Blew in with freezing rain all night knocking out the power, then turning to snow this morning.

Party Girl Reba is excitedly watching it accumulate.  Crazy dog loves snow!

And it is accumulating much to my disappointment!

The horse is tucked in the barn and will still need a blanket tonight as those temps are really going to be dipping.

After I see to him I'm going to park it in front of the fireplace and knit!  My only consolation is that where I use to live ,back in the middle of no where , it's a whole lot worse!!!


  1. It's here now too. I woke up to an inch and now we've got about four. I don't mind the snow but it got awfully cold and windy all of a sudden. Not a fan.

  2. Your snow is really pretty! We don't have any, but it's super cold!. I've got on fleece pants, a sweater, knit socks, and I'm under a big fur blankie while I type this!

  3. It sure does LOOK pretty!

    Hope your horse stays snug in the barn!

  4. Pups who loves snow like my Huck did, make me smile. Huck rolled and rolled in it. He took a snow bath.....I think it felt great on his coat/skin. I want to see the horse...