Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Last Straw

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The president of the United States is trashing his own country on national TV for the whole world to see and hear.  This is so NOT OK!!!  And if all you Trump supporters think it is you need to move to Russia and take him with you!


  1. If only!!!!!

    He gets worse and worse by the day.

  2. All this used to be funny. Not anymore. After listening to last week's speeches, I am not kidding when I say he sounds just like Daddio before he went full blown demented. The tweets to the judge about all the death and destruction is a real tell tale sign. At the end, Daddio had knives hidden all over the house to protect him from the imaginary boogey men out to get him. I had already taken away all of his guns or else his story could have ended very differently. Mine too. This is such a sorry state of affairs but the really scary part is how little our elected officials seem to care about it. That man needs a CT scan asap. Something's not right in that orange head of his.

    1. I agree and so does Nancy Pelosi but those Republicans need to get on board.

  3. The revulsion is real. I am grateful for a CNN morning when my son is at school so he can't hear me yelling and swearing at my t.v. sigh.