Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The NEED to knit

I've always loved knitting but I'm feeling a NEED to knit here lately.  And it's going to have to be something other than the mindless kind too. No more mindless knitting while watching CNN for me....I need total complicated knitting distraction!  I generally find lace knitting to be a bit complicated so I set out searching for something with charts because charts scare the "you know what" out of me.  LOL!  I found this

The Begonia Swirl and I think it just might be the ticket.  Not only is it pretty but it has charts (Scary Charts),
 it requires concentration, and it's done in lace weight yarn so I will have to spin lace weight yarn to boot!  I've enlisted "Polly" (my Kromski Polynesian wheel)
for the task because it can spin perfectly fine singles for lace weight and she's a big wheel that can't easily be moved from the spinning room to in front of the TV.   That means I'll have to confine myself to the peace and quiet of the wheel room for several days at a time to get 822 yards of lace weight for the project.  Perfect!  I got a good start on it last night.
it's pretty tedious work getting the singles very fine so there's lots of stopping and checking
the yarn gauge on this handy little tool.  This should keep me distracted for a while although I may need a few more of these type of projects to see me through the next four years.  Sigh


  1. I love it!! I am about to tackle a big project too. I need my 2017 MDSW shawl and I am running out of time.

  2. I almost knit Begonia Swirl for my coworker - but I took one look at those charts and went...nope... not today!

  3. Podcasts and limiting myself to 1/2 hour of local news and 1/2 national news is it for me.

    I'm much less stressed!

    That shawl is beautiful! Have fun!

  4. I have had that pattern in my library for ever, I just love it. Best of luck with this gorgeous project.