Saturday, April 15, 2017

Here I Go Again...

All your wonderful comments about my Begonia Swirl shawl have boosted my confidence for knitting lace to a whole new level.  I thank you all for that and because of those wonderful comments I've plunged myself right back  into yet another complicated lace pattern.

I had spun some merino a while back and just loved the color combination
but it hadn't spoken to me yet as to what it wanted to become back then.
 When I came across this  Heaven Scent pattern on Ravelry I could hear that yarn screaming out from the stash " This is it......I want to become this!!!"  I was in total agreement so I cast on right then and there!  I'm feverishly heading for those crazy scary lace charts again.  I'm almost done with the mindless stocking stitch part
so it won't be long before intense night knitting begins.  Am I crazy or what?!  I'll get this lace thing down if it's the last thing I do.  But first I better get a list made for the grocery store because Easter has crept up on me and I have family coming for dinner.  I have to come up with a menu, bake, clean the house and color eggs.  This might be making those lace charts look easy.  LOL!  Before I head to the store I want to thank Deb over at for yet another wonderful gift box of soapy goodies!
I can't wait to dig in!  You're the best Deb.  That Freshly Zested Lemon bar is calling out to me.  It smells heavenly!  I've become spoiled by these wonderful surprise gifts so delightfully wrapped!  They truly are a joy to receive.  Thank You so much!



  1. That is the most beautiful shawl I've come across. It will look fabulous in that color yarn.

    Happy Easter --------yeah, I agree. Deb's packages are the BEST!

  2. Is that a Boo knits pattern? I've knit a few of hers - they are great.

  3. I love those Boo patterns too. I've been itching to do one for years. That one is a beauty. It's going to look great in your handspun.

  4. LOL That yarn is gorgeous, but yes you are crazy digging deep into the late night intense lace knitting again. But I'm definitely enjoying watching your efforts. I'll live vicariously!

    Lemon zest soap sounds divine! All of Araignee's soaps I find have been magnificent! She does solid work!