Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Found !!!

Remember those sz. 7 circulars I lost?

Found em!!  Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!  But not before turning the whole house upside down!  Sigh.  I did a lot of cleaning and organizing during the search which went on for days and days.  They were being held hostage in what I think was going to be a cozy for my coffee carafe if memory serves me and Lord knows it doesn't always these days.  I can't even remember when I started to knit it but I think it was way back when I lived in the frozen tundra.  At any rate I am so pleased with the find.....I just love this KnitPicks cirular set and I'm going to have to be more organized with my various kniting projects in the future because I'm to old for all this furniture moving.  With that in mind I ordered some cabinets for the spinning room to contain it all in some sense of order.
First I had to convince the critters they weren't for their entertainment.  Although Lilly Bean pretty much claims every box that arrives here.
And look what else I found while watering the porch plants!
This sort of thing just never happened until late Aug. or Sept. up north!  I always use to have to pluck them before they  could even turn colors so they wouldn't freeze.  No vine ripened tomatoes back there.  Of course here I have to fend of the porch birds for them!


  1. Glad you found your needles, I can't stand it when mine go missing. Good luck with the organizing.

  2. Woo hoo!!! I've got needles all over the place too. If I ever lined them all up they would probably go on forever because I just keep buying new ones all the time.
    Those tomatoes look so yummy. There is nothing better than a warm tomato right off the vine.

  3. Tie some tin foil strips to the hanging baskets. That will keep the birdies at bay!

    Glad you found your circular needles. I HATE when I lose something and know it has to be here SOMEWHERE.

  4. You've had some treasure filled days!

    (And how mean that you didn't get boxes *just* for the critters ... lol)

  5. That was me the other week... but it was my passport I was trying to find! Ended up having to tear the whole studio apart until I found where I put it for "safe keeping"

  6. tomatoes AND found needles....stellar day!!!!