Monday, May 1, 2017

Spreading Her Wings

My Dragonfly Shawl is spreading her wings.  Hopefully the yarn can keep up with that spread!  It's starting to look a little iffy....sigh.  I've only just started the second round of chart B and then there's chart C (the lace border) and then a picot bind off.  I'm getting a little luck would have it I don't have any of that particular fiber left to spin so I had to spin a few yards(130 to be exact) of a blue that kind of sort of matches.  
I may have to use it to finish with.  Hopefully not because I'm not sure that would look that good.  This is not the only issue I've been having either.  When I got to the lace charts it called for a needle change from us6 to us7.  When I opened my knitpicks interchangeable set of circulars the size 7 pocket was empty!!  They're gone......nowhere to be found.  All the furniture cushions were removed ,rugs flipped drawers searched and nothing.  I can't find them anywhere so I had to substitute a pair of bamboo's with a much shorter cable to continue.  I'm hoping they will still turn up but it's looking like I'm going to have to order a replacement pair.  These bamboos are awfully sticky to knit with.  I won't get into the various rows I've had to redo because of dropped stitches mainly because I haven't quite recovered from the stress of those yet.  So Yeah!  I think I have successfully exchanged my political stress with some good ole knitting stress!!  :-O


  1. I hate when that happens! I lose everything these days. The Mister just found a dog dish in the wash machine with the dish towels I just washed. I have no idea how I did that. The shawl is looking good though-yarn chicken or not!

  2. Grrr, you don't need that aggravation! I do think the shawl is lovely so far, and hope all will work out in the end.

  3. Oh sheesh!!! Losing something you KNOW you have is just awful!!! I hope you find your good needles soon.

    The project is too pretty to have bad needle karma in it.