Friday, June 23, 2017

In the Works

Baby Beanies.....

I belong to a little knitting group that meets at the library a couple times a month and our summer project is to knit and donate infant and preemie hats for the hospitals in the area.  How fun is that!!!  I have to see how many I can get done before the end of summer.  So there's that going on..... and I've started a new shawl

which looks nothing like the pattern pictures due to the fact that the color changes in the yarn are to long but I kind of like it anyway so I will soldier on.  It's the  Good Vibrations shawl and I fully intend on starting another with better yarn once this one is done.  I'll get it right or die trying.  LOL  Then there's this

It's just plane ole white now but you wait.....I've got some pretty colorful plans in the works for one of my late night escapades in the very near future.  Mmwaaahahahaha.....;-O

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The End Game

It's been a year or so since I first started this totally fun and relaxing project.
 It's been one of the most enjoyable knits I have every worked on.  I hate to see it end but it's time for this one to grace the back of the couch and I fully intend to start another.  I have an endless supply of sock weight yarn scraps in the stash and I'm not above buying more if I think it will look nice in the next one.  
Cleaning up all those loose ends was the only annoying task of this project and once I came to my senses and started weaving them in as I added each square that was remedied.  You can bet on the next one I will be doing this from the get go.

Call me weird but I even enjoyed adding an i-cord border around the whole thing.  It just made such a neat finish to the blanket and gave me that much more time to enjoy the project.