Friday, July 14, 2017


My counter stool cushions are in need of covering and I decided to crochet them in a sturdy cotton yarn rather than sew them.  Mainly because I'm a big fan of texture and also because I figured they would wear better.  Of course it would have been quicker to sew them and had I realized how boring this project would turn out to be I may have gone with that quicker method but I'm into it now

so there's no turning back.  I have four to do and I only have one and three quarters of another done so far.  The seat part is done in the Bean stitch in black no less.....

it doesn't get much more boring than that!  I may not survive this project.  The border is in the Jasmine stitch

and that one is a lot more fun though the color isn't all that exciting but it matches the decor and we have to match the decor.  We just have to.....that's all there is to it.  

I'm doing the side in a stretchy crochet rib stitch.....again in black.  Need I say more.....BOORRING!!!


  1. Well, they certainly don't LOOK boring! They'll make great seat covers.

    Hang in there....keep your eye on the prize (finished seat covers)!

  2. THey look wonderful, maybe boring to make but very interesting to view. I love the texture and the color.

  3. is beautiful! I had no idea you could crochet ribbing like that. I thought it was knit.

  4. I think your stool cover is magnificent! I hope you show it to us on the stool.. what a neat design you came up with! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)