Thursday, August 17, 2017

A New Toy

I have died and gone to fiber carders heaven!!!!!!
Look what the postman brought today!  I'd been contemplating purchasing one of these for a very long time.  After quite a lot of researching, I decided to take the advice of Deb over at and purchased the Strauch Petite Drum Carder.  Thank you Deb.  This little carder is amazing and it's not all that little either.
You get a really nice size batt off of it.  It came with a nice little box of brushes and accessories.
I really like this brush over the drum.  It holds the fibers down nicely.  I've pretty much spent the whole day playing with it.

I can pull the fiber off into rolags....
or roll the batt into fluffy clouds.  You can also pull it off through a diz.  So many choices.....(I'm such a geek)....I love this thing and so do my wrists!!!  I may never use my hand carders again!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Stand with Heather.....

I stand with Heather Heyer.  I stand with the good people of Charlottesville.  Her voice will not be silenced.  We must speak out against this evil.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Done, Done and Doin....


I think I like it......sort's growing on me.  I'm pretty sure it could be a fire hazard under this candle though.  I 'm thinking it would be nice under the fancy punch bowl during Christmas celebrations and possibly a lot safer.  It was fun to make and was a wonderful distraction from those black and brown counter stool cushion covers.....

which by the way are moving right along.  Two done and two to go.  These are not so fun to work on though.  I had originally thought it was the black and brown that was getting to me on these but the 

Good Vibrations shawl I'm working on is in guessed it......BLACK & BROWN too.  I'm enjoying working on this shawl though.  At first I was disappointed in how the color changes were working out on it but it's growing on me too.  I think I like actually I know I like it!