Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Done, Done and Doin....


I think I like it......sort of.....it's growing on me.  I'm pretty sure it could be a fire hazard under this candle though.  I 'm thinking it would be nice under the fancy punch bowl during Christmas celebrations and possibly a lot safer.  It was fun to make and was a wonderful distraction from those black and brown counter stool cushion covers.....

which by the way are moving right along.  Two done and two to go.  These are not so fun to work on though.  I had originally thought it was the black and brown that was getting to me on these but the 

Good Vibrations shawl I'm working on is in .......you guessed it......BLACK & BROWN too.  I'm enjoying working on this shawl though.  At first I was disappointed in how the color changes were working out on it but it's growing on me too.  I think I like it.....no actually I know I like it!


  1. Oh my gosh .... that candle cozy is gorgeous. You could always purchase one of those battery operated candles to use with it. I don't think they cost too much, (but, I don't know exactly. Never bought one.)

    That shawl is gorgeous. It will go with so many things too.

    Good works this week.

  2. Black and brown works lady! Might be hard on the eyes while working it up, but it's looking good. Do not doubt. :)

  3. Bravo on your ruffled doily and I do think a pillar holder under the candle would be good. And wow on the chair cushions! I look forward to seeing the shawl done. I love my shawls! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)