Friday, September 29, 2017

Done and Doin

Big announcement......
My October Leaves socks for the I 💟 Love Fall KAL are done!!  YAY!!

And in keeping with the leave theme, I've decided to do the Cascading Leaves socks too.

I'm all cast on and ready to knit my way to those two points!!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

New Discoveries

It's been an interesting week starting with this fellow perched on one of the porch rockers.

He was large, green and had buggy 👀 that were staring at me through the window.

After a quick google search I was shocked to discover he was a praying mantis who likes to eat humming bird brains!!!  Now that's scary stuff!!!  Yikes!  This is the stuff nightmares are made of!! 😧

Then when I had this little guy

at the Vet for his annual check up she suggested this

stuff for him to try and calm his little nerves and possibly help with his seizures.  He's on a whole lot of seizure meds and still manages to be totally high strung.  I love this Vet....she is so helpful.  I started him on this supplement and it has completely calmed him down.  He is seriously like a different dog.  So much more relaxed now and consequently so are we. 😄

I also discovered something called a Yarn Crawl and it's happening now...this all the yarn shops in the area.  I had never heard of this before ( I blame this on the fact that I lived in the middle of No-Where for half my life) but I was instantly intrigued.  Go figure...:-)  They all run specials and you can enter at each shop for prizes and coupons. I have been wanting to find local yarn shops since I moved here and today's discovery was a quaint little one called

in Mint Hill, NC.  It was about a half hour drive and it was a house that was turned into a yarn shop.

There were several different rooms filled with yarn, patterns, yarn, needles, yarn, a sit and knit room and did I mention there was yarn....LOL!  This place has a Lot of yarn!!  There are several more shops on the list so this should be an interesting week of LYS discovery.

And on the knit front...

we have leaves....can you see them?  They're there...little oak the top of my October Leaves socks...hopefully they will show up better after blocking.

I just have to finish the ribbing and add the heels and I will have my I 💟 Fall KAL socks done!

Oh and in case you hadn't noticed I discovered that little "insert special characters" tab up there too!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Pre-storm knitting

We have been closely watching Irma's path and trying to be as prepared as we can be.  A state of emergency has been issued here in the Carolina's.  The stores have been wiped clean of supplies.  Coolers, batteries, gas cans and water are no where to be found as of Wednesday.  We have moved all lawn and porch furniture into the garage and secured all the plants and pots from the yard.  Every container I own is now filled with water and I bought as many Little Debbie snacks as I could find.  I know....I're probably thinking Little Debbies aren't all that necessary but seemed like a darn good excuse for them to me and most of the canned goods were wiped out anyway by the time I got to the store.  So in case I am without power for a while I wanted to post my I Heart Fall KAL progress.

I'm going to do the after thought heel
hence the white yarn holding those stitches.
They may not look all that exciting now but I'm heading up the leg towards that scary fun color work chart.  Hopefully I won't be doing that while using Coleman lanterns.

Friday, September 1, 2017

I Love Fall Knit-Along

I've picked my pattern.  I'm doing the October Leaves socks
from Ravelry  I've spun and dyed the yarn.
wound it into nice tidy center pull cakes

and managed to get these two at a time toe up socks cast on after three unsuccessful tries.  The fourth attempt was the charm.
It's been a while since I've used this magic cast on method and I'd forgotten just how tedious it can be in the beginning but we're buzzing along now.
See my little toes forming?