Sunday, November 19, 2017

Morning Ritual

The past few mornings have been brisk here on the farm but this mornings gale force winds made getting the fifty pounds of feed and stall bedding up to the barn a bit of a chore but I got-er-done!  I was chugging up that hill with it all piled on my trusty old ( and I mean OLD) lawn tractor with the wind whipping at my face.

For a brief moment I thought I was going to be blown backwards down the hill!  Where in the world did all this wind come from anyway.  Sheeezz!!  Once up there it's time for breakfast for the Big Guy.

He likes his feed mixed with warm water to form an oatmeal mash along with

a flake of hay

and about fifteen gallons of water!  Then while he

ponders in the door way making sure the coast is clear I have to refill all those water buckets, clean his stall and fill the hay rack before heading back down the hill (this time with the wind to my back) to the house.  

While he spends the rest of the day sunning himself, I have a whole lot of 

fiber fun waiting for me in the spinning room.  I'm running this rose gray alpaca through 

the drum carder three times and it's turning out some 

major soft fluffy clouds for my afternoon spinning.  It's hard to say who has the better life.  Me or Him!?  😏

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Horsing around....

I love it when my granddaughter says she wants to have a sleep over.  That's because she's a crafting fool just her grandmother.  😅  Enter friendship bracelets.....

I vaguely remember these from my youth.  We use to make a version of these in summer camp but that was a very loooong time ago.  Granddaughter was much better at it than I was but that hasn't stopped me from getting hooked on making them.

These look like flowers right???

Because they are suppose to look like little daisies and I'm thinking I'm going to need a little more practice tying these little knots.  LOL!  The best part was getting to spend time with my granddaughter partner in crime.  It was so nice having company while doing the barn chores.

I think BG was more fascinated with her than she was with him

but by the end of the weekend she was pretty darn comfortable with him.

BG is my gentle giant who is starting to show his age....those are grey hairs cropping up on his face.  I think I have more on my head than he does though.  As you can see he likes to wear his hay as well as eat it.  Crazy horse.