Saturday, April 14, 2018

Debs' Spring Giveaway is here!!

Everything got here in perfect shape too.  The soaps are not only wonderful on the skin they look amazing in the bathroom too!  Deb does such a beautiful job on her soaps and now lip balm too.  I couldn't wait to try it and it didn't disappoint.....I love it.  It feels so good on the lips that were totally cracked for some reason.  Possible all this wind we've been getting but the lip balm is wonderful and  my lips are 100% better already today.  Thank you so much Deb for  being so generous with all of us!  You are so appreciated and now you've got me hooked on your lip balm too!  So my lips are healed but my kitchen table 
on the other hand is a mess!
But it's a creative mess........and those kind of messes are allowed here.  They are in fact encouraged although I'm not sure I've convinced Louie of that.
He's either bored or disgusted ( I'm having trouble reading that face ) with my latest project.  I've been watching Bea and Rose  on YouTube lately because she's an absolute joy to listen too.  Very talented in knitting, spinning, yarn dying and sewing and she makes me laugh.  I'm totally hooked on her videos.....go have a'll love her.  Anyway......back to the creative mess......she was showing a pocket book clutch she was making on her last video and I thought I would give it a go myself.  It looked easy enough and It's not like I don't have enough projects going at the moment or anything.  Althogh, in my defense, this is the only sewing project......and we can't have those sewing machines sitting around getting dusty, right?!  Crikey!!  I'm going to have to start divvying out time slots for each project or nothing's going to get done!!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Time with Tegna

I've been spending a lot of quality time with Tegna lately.
Now that the pesky pretty lace border portion is in the rear view mirror it's pretty much mindless knitting  from here on out.  I'm 5 inches in with 10 more to go before I have to dust of the cobwebs of my slowly deteriorating senior mindset and prepare for the big divide for armholes.  I'm trying not to think about that right now though and just settle in for some blissful knitting in the round.
Meanwhile things are busy in the spinning room trying to get some more DK spun up for the big finish.
This is easier said than done right now since all the wheels are being fed at the moment but I did manage to get
one oversized bobbin done which has been washed, thwacked and hung to dry.
I've got all that white alpaca fluff going on the Minstrel.  This one just might end up being spun out on the porch if the weather holds up.  Of course that would mean the wind would have to die down some.  I've got some really nice gray alpaca going on the Ashford because crazy me has her eyes set on Carbeth for my next big project.  Why oh why can't I just focus on one thing at a time!!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Blown Away!!

I wish I could say it was from some big exciting knit or spin finish but's's only Mother Nature blowing off steam again.  If it isn't raining it's blowing your socks off here lately.  Me thinks she needs an attitude adjustment.  Sheeesh!  I do have a few things going though on the fiber front.
I did manage to get to an Alpaca show and I pretty much hung out with all the white ones.  

and we all know what that means......more white fluff which I am feverishly trying to turn into whiter fluff!

All this so I can spin it into yarn which I will then try and turn into a multitude of various pretty colors.  Yikes!  What some people won't do for entertainment, eh?!  It's all quite MAD!!  LOL  But delightfully so.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Summer Sock Finish

And they're keepers.  The Hooligans agree!  We love this pattern.......well I do anyway.
Those faces might be saying " Make me my burger!" and not gee we love your new socks Mom.  But at any rate I love this pattern.  The "new to me" after thought heel technique was fun although
getting the rows of stitches above 
and below the marker was a bit tricky.  Having stripes would have made it easier to see or possibly new glasses and better lighting or all of the above.  LOL
In a couple places I was off a row and had to do some hair raising stitch saves but it all worked out in the end and I've already started another pair.  YEAH.........once I get hooked on something it's all hands in!  This time I'm going to make a more rounded toe.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

In the Fog

Just as soon as I can locate my barn I will go clean it.  Talk about foggy weather.  We have certainly had our share lately.  
Mean while....I have to correct a slight problem I'm having with my Summer Socks created by the fog occurring in my brain at the moment which is totally unrelated to what's occurring outside.  I least I hope it's not all connected.  LOL  It appears as though I have absent mindedly used the regular bind off in place of the preferred stretchy one for toe up socks.  So if I want the socks to actually go onto my feet I have to undo it and bind off properly.  
And as luck would have it the stretchy bind off takes more yarn than the regular one so I'm going to run out of yarn since I had already cut it before my brain clicked in.  Sigh  There was a time in my early knitting years when I would have just given up on the socks but I'm a much more mature knitter now so I will splice in more yarn and do it right.  Now if I could just get mature enough to not make these silly mistakes to begin with!!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Sock bug has bitten!

Summer Socks that is.....I need them and I like the looks of this pattern by Lisa Risager.  The rolled cuff was what drew me in.  
I'm not overly thrilled with this yarn though.  It looked much nicer in it's braided skein form.  LOL  But I'm to far into it now to turn back.  I'm going to try a new to me after thought heel technique.  You just knit the sock completely and then cut the heel stitches.  OMG!  How scary is that?!  I found it here on YouTube.  I have always used waste yarn up until now.  This looked like a pretty cool technique and other than the whole cut ones knitting aspect it doesn't look all that hard.  WE SHALL See!!!  If it works I have some much nicer looking sock yarn I'm going to cast right on for another pair but don't tell Tegna....I'm not even finished with the lace bottom on it.  I'm such a two timer!!😏

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Bundle up!

It's sweater knittin cold out!!  I've chosen Tegna from 
Ravelry to knit me through the rest of the winter. It's a lighter weight sweater so it should be nice for Spring and Fall as well.
                                            This is the tweedy yarn I spun from all that left over scraps of fleece I had & along with some really nice alpaca I'm working on now  there's enough spun for a darn good start on it.  I had a really hard time getting a good picture of it though.  It has so many pretty flecks of color in it but since it's doing this outside
I can't get them to show up in the photo.
The temperature is hovering right around freezing and it's been pouring rain (thankfully not snow) all day.  Fog is forming as we speak!
In other knit news....this years project for my knitting group is these nice warm head bands
and fingerless gloves along with similar hats and regular gloves for the homeless in the area.  Last year it was baby sweaters and hats for the hospitals to gift to the preemies.  Now that was fun knitting!!!  Well all knitting is fun but there's just something extra fun about baby knitting.😃 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Sadly snow has followed me all the way to North Carolina and BG has decided to stand out in it!  He has a coat on but I'm guessing  he's going to need a dry one when he gets tucked in for the night.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Blog Slog

It's been a while!  I'm recovering from a serious case of Blog Slog.  I'm dusting off the cobwebs now and trying to get back into the swing of it.  It didn't affect the fiber activities in the wheel room any though....thank goodness.  In fact those activities may have contributed to the blog slog.  There's only so much time in a day after all.

I had acquired a substantial amount of bits and pieces of various fiber waste from the time I started this whole spinning adventure until now and it was time to try and find a good use for it.

I threw it all on the drum carder and came up with this multi-colored blob of fluff.

I was so pleased to see it all spun up into this oversized  tweedy bobbin of DK two ply
but then something happened on the way to the yarn swift!
I had forgotten to tie the strands before washing the skein and the result was the biggest tangled mess I have ever yeah.....if anyone is looking for someone to tangle your yarn I'm your girl!!  Sigh
It took the better part of the day to untangle all 353 yards of it and wind it the old fashioned way into this big ball.  I'm impressed with the ball but the process was awful....just awful!!!