Sunday, February 4, 2018

Bundle up!

It's sweater knittin cold out!!  I've chosen Tegna from 
Ravelry to knit me through the rest of the winter. It's a lighter weight sweater so it should be nice for Spring and Fall as well.
                                            This is the tweedy yarn I spun from all that left over scraps of fleece I had & along with some really nice alpaca I'm working on now  there's enough spun for a darn good start on it.  I had a really hard time getting a good picture of it though.  It has so many pretty flecks of color in it but since it's doing this outside
I can't get them to show up in the photo.
The temperature is hovering right around freezing and it's been pouring rain (thankfully not snow) all day.  Fog is forming as we speak!
In other knit news....this years project for my knitting group is these nice warm head bands
and fingerless gloves along with similar hats and regular gloves for the homeless in the area.  Last year it was baby sweaters and hats for the hospitals to gift to the preemies.  Now that was fun knitting!!!  Well all knitting is fun but there's just something extra fun about baby knitting.😃 


  1. That sweater is to die for and so is that headband. You giving me a bad case of startitis!

  2. That's a lovely sweater - and I agree with Araignee - I wanna cast on that headband!

  3. The headband looks squishy and lovely, the sweater is so fancy with that lace edging.

  4. Tegna is lovely and I think it is hard to capture fog. Your photos are just so cool!