Tuesday, February 20, 2018

In the Fog

Just as soon as I can locate my barn I will go clean it.  Talk about foggy weather.  We have certainly had our share lately.  
Mean while....I have to correct a slight problem I'm having with my Summer Socks created by the fog occurring in my brain at the moment which is totally unrelated to what's occurring outside.  I think.....at least I hope it's not all connected.  LOL  It appears as though I have absent mindedly used the regular bind off in place of the preferred stretchy one for toe up socks.  So if I want the socks to actually go onto my feet I have to undo it and bind off properly.  
And as luck would have it the stretchy bind off takes more yarn than the regular one so I'm going to run out of yarn since I had already cut it before my brain clicked in.  Sigh  There was a time in my early knitting years when I would have just given up on the socks but I'm a much more mature knitter now so I will splice in more yarn and do it right.  Now if I could just get mature enough to not make these silly mistakes to begin with!!


  1. Well now you caught the mistake before you bound off! I think that's genius. The yarn is so pretty. I hope they fit you perfectly. Your fog is just like ours. Sigh. Even the volunteers at the barn who live through this everyyear are complaining! Its only Feb! knit on

  2. In spite of the problems, they sure are beautiful!

  3. Oh, good golly. I hate when that happens and I do that all the time. They are looking good though. We had our first decent day in like forever today. I had forgotten what the sun looked like.