Thursday, February 15, 2018

Sock bug has bitten!

Summer Socks that is.....I need them and I like the looks of this pattern by Lisa Risager.  The rolled cuff was what drew me in.  
I'm not overly thrilled with this yarn though.  It looked much nicer in it's braided skein form.  LOL  But I'm to far into it now to turn back.  I'm going to try a new to me after thought heel technique.  You just knit the sock completely and then cut the heel stitches.  OMG!  How scary is that?!  I found it here on YouTube.  I have always used waste yarn up until now.  This looked like a pretty cool technique and other than the whole cut ones knitting aspect it doesn't look all that hard.  WE SHALL See!!!  If it works I have some much nicer looking sock yarn I'm going to cast right on for another pair but don't tell Tegna....I'm not even finished with the lace bottom on it.  I'm such a two timer!!😏


  1. I love that yarn. It looks so fun. I have never done a toe up before. It hurts my brain to even think about it. I can't wait to see how your heel turns out. Good luck!

  2. Im so into socks right now too. Im off to exchange some yarn I purchased for a shawl that's not going to be, for sock yarn!! Thankfully my LYS takes back the yarn for exchange!!