Saturday, March 17, 2018

Time with Tegna

I've been spending a lot of quality time with Tegna lately.
Now that the pesky pretty lace border portion is in the rear view mirror it's pretty much mindless knitting  from here on out.  I'm 5 inches in with 10 more to go before I have to dust of the cobwebs of my slowly deteriorating senior mindset and prepare for the big divide for armholes.  I'm trying not to think about that right now though and just settle in for some blissful knitting in the round.
Meanwhile things are busy in the spinning room trying to get some more DK spun up for the big finish.
This is easier said than done right now since all the wheels are being fed at the moment but I did manage to get
one oversized bobbin done which has been washed, thwacked and hung to dry.
I've got all that white alpaca fluff going on the Minstrel.  This one just might end up being spun out on the porch if the weather holds up.  Of course that would mean the wind would have to die down some.  I've got some really nice gray alpaca going on the Ashford because crazy me has her eyes set on Carbeth for my next big project.  Why oh why can't I just focus on one thing at a time!!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Blown Away!!

I wish I could say it was from some big exciting knit or spin finish but's's only Mother Nature blowing off steam again.  If it isn't raining it's blowing your socks off here lately.  Me thinks she needs an attitude adjustment.  Sheeesh!  I do have a few things going though on the fiber front.
I did manage to get to an Alpaca show and I pretty much hung out with all the white ones.  

and we all know what that means......more white fluff which I am feverishly trying to turn into whiter fluff!

All this so I can spin it into yarn which I will then try and turn into a multitude of various pretty colors.  Yikes!  What some people won't do for entertainment, eh?!  It's all quite MAD!!  LOL  But delightfully so.