Friday, March 2, 2018

Blown Away!!

I wish I could say it was from some big exciting knit or spin finish but's's only Mother Nature blowing off steam again.  If it isn't raining it's blowing your socks off here lately.  Me thinks she needs an attitude adjustment.  Sheeesh!  I do have a few things going though on the fiber front.
I did manage to get to an Alpaca show and I pretty much hung out with all the white ones.  

and we all know what that means......more white fluff which I am feverishly trying to turn into whiter fluff!

All this so I can spin it into yarn which I will then try and turn into a multitude of various pretty colors.  Yikes!  What some people won't do for entertainment, eh?!  It's all quite MAD!!  LOL  But delightfully so.


  1. OMG...this wind!! We've been stuck in the basement since last night for fear of falling trees. The yard looks like a war zone.
    Your fleece makes me so happy. Nothing is more satisfying than turning out a nice white fleece from a bundle of yuck.

  2. We are hanging on to OUR socks here today too. With a heaping helping of snow to go along with all that wind. It's quite a blustery day.

    Enjoy the new fleece. Is there anything cuter than an alpaca????

  3. Alpacas! So cute. Stay out of the wind and bad weather, stay safe!

  4. Im so glad you made it to the Fiber fest. There is one in April around here. I may go. But I dont spin......pretty sure it would be fun anyhow!!!