Saturday, April 14, 2018

Debs' Spring Giveaway is here!!

Everything got here in perfect shape too.  The soaps are not only wonderful on the skin they look amazing in the bathroom too!  Deb does such a beautiful job on her soaps and now lip balm too.  I couldn't wait to try it and it didn't disappoint.....I love it.  It feels so good on the lips that were totally cracked for some reason.  Possible all this wind we've been getting but the lip balm is wonderful and  my lips are 100% better already today.  Thank you so much Deb for  being so generous with all of us!  You are so appreciated and now you've got me hooked on your lip balm too!  So my lips are healed but my kitchen table 
on the other hand is a mess!
But it's a creative mess........and those kind of messes are allowed here.  They are in fact encouraged although I'm not sure I've convinced Louie of that.
He's either bored or disgusted ( I'm having trouble reading that face ) with my latest project.  I've been watching Bea and Rose  on YouTube lately because she's an absolute joy to listen too.  Very talented in knitting, spinning, yarn dying and sewing and she makes me laugh.  I'm totally hooked on her videos.....go have a'll love her.  Anyway......back to the creative mess......she was showing a pocket book clutch she was making on her last video and I thought I would give it a go myself.  It looked easy enough and It's not like I don't have enough projects going at the moment or anything.  Althogh, in my defense, this is the only sewing project......and we can't have those sewing machines sitting around getting dusty, right?!  Crikey!!  I'm going to have to start divvying out time slots for each project or nothing's going to get done!!


  1. Every surface of my house looks like your table. Creative messes are my thing!
    Little Louie is just too cute. That little Yorkie face says it all.
    Thanks for the kind words on the soapy things. Without you guys adopting it I wouldn't be able to keep making it. You should see how much I have here. It's like a yarn stash. I'll never us it all in my lifetime.

  2. I think that face is saying, "Mom you had better pay some attention to me!" I hope you have a wonderful week.

  3. Louie has the sweetest face! What a cutie

  4. Deb is so generous. Her soaps and cards etc are just lovely . Glad you enjoyed your fun mail!

  5. That Bea and Rose podcast is a HOOT!