Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Minor Setback

I guess plowing through the chores while injured wasn't exactly such a good idea.....oops.....who knew it would result in a trip to the emergency room undergoing several ex rays, CT scans and.......wait for it......IVs.  😧  I hate IVs!!  Always have.....always will!!  When my son arrived to pick up Reba he insisted I get myself checked out.  After several hours of resisting I finely gave in and went reluctantly peacefully with him to the ER.   There I was told to knock it off and get help with the farm chores for several weeks till all the swelling goes down.  I apparently did a number on my ribs and back.  So my city boy stayed the week to do farm chores for me.

  I would be lost without this one.....he is so good to me!!  He still managed to do his work from his computer while finding a place for my horse while I heal.
It's a wonderful place where he has his own little red barn to come and go into as he pleases
I can visit him when ever I want
there are big shade trees in his pasture

and best of all lots of new equine friends for him to visit with.
Louie insists on coming with

so he can hang out with the big guys

while I watch all my new friends ride their beautiful horses.
So all and all.....minus the pain and the expense.....it's a pretty happy turn of events.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Completing Carbeth ....

I've been missing in action here lately while recuperating from a minor incident involving a dog bone, my graceful self and the hardwood floor in my living room.  While en rout to getting my barn boots I stumbled over the bone and quickly became one with the hardwood floor.  Were it not for all the excess padding I carry around my middle I may not have survived at all.  This will be a perfect excuse not to try and drop those extra pounds too.  LOL!!  Things are gradually getting better though....I can once again laugh with out pain but sneezing is still out of the question.  The bruises are now turning a nice greenish yellow shade and starting to fade and through it all I still managed to keep up with the chores..... all be it much slower than usual.  It's amazing what one can do when you have to.  

Now for the fun stuff
I've finished my Carbeth!!
Well almost.....I still have to find and sew on some really nice buttons.
And just to be on the safe side I made the crew wait outside of the room where the photo shoot was taking place!!!

Friday, August 2, 2019

Our Favorite Visitor

Our favorite  "City Girl" is spending the week here on the farm with Grandma and the gang while her Dad is off gallivanting again

and in preparation I've cooked up an extra batch of their favorite "Doggie Burgers".  
Yes......I'm one of those crazy pet owners who cooks homemade food for the critters.  Reba loves Grandma's burgers so much she convinced her Dad to get the recipe by simply refusing to eat her kibble unless it contained a burger added into it after one of her visits here.  
This sweet little girl deserves to be pampered though....she's an absolute treasure and brings me so much joy.
On the knitting front, I have a bit of a sweater knitting drag race taking place.
With two sweaters on the needles it's any body's guess as to which one crosses the finish line first.  This is my Carbeth Cardigan and she seems to be gaining ground lately while the Roselle Tee is in a bit of a time out waiting for me to get that last skein dyed.  It's just to hot for dying here lately.  They may both be at a stand still next week though while I tackle putting up hay in the barn in preparation for winter.  I think I'm ready for winter.....putting up hay....NOT so much!!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Finding Shade....

When I made the move south several years ago I was desperately trying to escape the cold and seeking warmth......I would have to say I have definitely accomplished that goal.  Now, don't get me wrong here.....I am not at all complaining......but I do have to say " be careful what you wish for".  Man is it HOT!!

BG has been hanging out in the shade under the big pecan tree while the Hooligans and I hide out in the AC.  I've been getting most of the outside chores done in the morning and spending the rest of the day

knitting dish cloths.  Working with the cotton is much cooler and my Roselle Tee is just going to have to wait till this heat spell passes.  I have only one sleeve and the finishing left to do on it but I need to dye the last skein of yarn for it and I just can't wrap my head around boiling dye pots right now.

So I have been knitting one dish cloth after another, after another, after another.  

This is a new to me pattern and I'm really taking a liking to it.  It's by Judith-Knits and I found it on Ravelry.  You can link to it here if you're interested.  I've pretty much knit my way through my cotton stash with this heat wave and you know what that means......I can legally buy more now.  YAY!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Spider Man Wan-a-Be...

My tomato harvest is starting to produce!! 

I've been collecting the ripe ones daily and my mouth is watering in anticipation for 
tomato sandwiches!!  Nothing like vine ripened tomatoes sandwiched between slices of home made white bread!  Be still my heart!!  I've been meticulously tending to these beauties each and every morning before barn chores.  This morning , however, things got a little wild.  
As I was combing through the vines looking for ripe ones there was movement among the tangles of leaves!  👀 The first thing I thought of was SNAKE so I was quite alarmed but thankfully it wasn't that.  It was however
a very wild, crazy little kitten who was even more startled than I was!  It bolted from one end of the porch to the other in reckless abandonment and ended up clinging to the brick by his or her little paws!!  Turns out some of my volunteer farm workers are quite athletic!  

Monday, June 24, 2019

Asleep at the Wheel

There's a lot of serious fiber prep going on here lately.  
I've managed to get this far on my first Roselle Tee sleeve but I'm running out of yarn.  This is actually a good thing....it will give me a break from all this "shaping staying in pattern" stress.

Fiber prep is so relaxing in comparison.  Running fluff through the drum carder is calming my lace chart nerves

And I can't begin to tell you how rewarding making these little rolags is.

So I'm now back at my wheel peacefully spinning in the hopes that all this quiet, calm, relaxation doesn't lull me to sleep

like it has done to my little Hooligans.
Now if they'll just do this when I'm back knitting those sleeves!! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tractor Envy

Just when I think I have the coolest tractor on the market

this truck and trailer shows up in my driveway

with this monster tractor and suddenly I'm thinking 
but even it was nearly buried under all the growth!

The thing was an eating machine!!

It didn't take him long to get the whole mess cleaned up either. 
We are back to normal and it's a big relief.  It was starting to feel like a jungle here!  Now that that chore is done I can turn my attention back to the knitting.

I've managed to finally get both the front and back of my Roselle Tee done.  That lace panel was a struggle and I have a feeling the sleeves are going to be even worse.  I've got the stitches cast on for the first one but I've watched the "shaping staying in pattern"  video at least a dozen times and it's still not registering.  That's never a good sign.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Cultivating A Green Thumb

I've become quite the gardener here lately.  I've never really had much of a green thumb but check it out....


I've got quite the little garden going on either side of my back step.  I started these plants from seed in the house and then put them in pots on the patio and to my amazement I started getting tomatoes in May!!  I've got sweet bell peppers going on the other side of the steps.  I'm so excited because I'm basically a geek!  LOL!  Doesn't take a lot to entertain me.  I start my mornings here watering and tending to everything before I start the barn chores.  It's very relaxing and quite satisfying.

I've even put in a Crepe Myrtle tree not once but twice.  After the first planting 65 mile an hour winds came up and whipped it right out of the ground so it had to be replanted and staked.  My arms hurt for a week after that episode but I've been babying it ever since and it's doing fine now.  

My Magnolia tree is thriving and getting blooms!  It's been very hot and dry here so I have to make sure everything is watered and fed each morning.  So far so good....I haven't killed anything yet.

All is well up at the barn too.  BG is healing well and diligently working at trying to get his fly mask off.  He's managed to tear one ear of it and has a hole worked into one side of the face.  Little does he know a brand new replacement arrived in the mail today.  He won't be happy......he hates wearing it but it's protecting those eyes so not wearing one isn't an option.

At least until I can get this mess bush hogged.  I am anxiously patiently waiting in apparently a very long waiting line for this service to be done.  Sigh

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Farm Drama....

So I appear to have replaced my knitting chart drama with a whole lot of farm drama!  🤯  Hence my absence from the blog lately.  Hmmmm  Where do I start.....well, I guess the trouble started with my trusty 20 year old lawn tractor.

That's her in the lower right hand corner of the picture with a fifty pound bag of grain on her hood.  Bless her heart....she's seen me through many a blizzard with her snow blower attachment in the way up north and several years of serious (and I do mean SERIOUS) grass cutting since the move south.  She had been struggling though the last couple years and finally just gave up the ghost.  She's resting in peace in the little barn.  Soooooo needless to say, I had to spring for a replacement.  DANG!  

Meet the new waaaaaayyy more expensive replacement!

She's a thang of beauty, totally automatic with cruise control, a handy mower deck wash out port and more cutting width to boot!  Problem is while I was pondering whether to get her or not the lawn was growing like crazy!  By the time she was delivered the pasture was totally out of control and now needs something much bigger to bush hog it and get it back under control.  Sooooo... long story longer......because of the over grown grass....snakes have shown up in the barn (YIKES) and BG's eye became irritated by the long grass brushing against his head (it is seriously over his head, I mean you can't even see him for the long grass) causing his eye to become infected and swollen shut.  The Vet had to be called in.....compounding the tractor expense....and BG had to be sedated so they could squirt a dye into it to make sure his retina wasn't damaged.  Thank goodness it wasn't because that would have been a nightmare.  

He's having to wear this fly mask 

24/7 and I'm having to camouflage pain meds into his grain and wrestle with him to get antibiotics into that eye twice a day.  This is all making that knitting chart drama look like a piece of cake!

I've mastered that lace panel and am now moving on into the shoulder, neck and arm shaping.  It goes without saying that I am the only one from the KAL still working on this sweater!  Sigh