Saturday, March 30, 2019

Since We Last Talked

The Hooligans and I have become the sole keepers of the farm. :-0  We are managing quite well if I do say so myself but there has been precious little time left at the end of the day for much me time let alone blogging.  We've survived hurricanes, windstorms and endless torrential rains which took off portions of the barn roof destroying a third of the hay and did a number on the kitchen ceiling but all is repaired now and another season of mowing is upon us.  Fingers crossed my 20 year old mower will survive it.  I've decided....with the help of this pretty little blue bird
who just swooped onto my porch,
sat it's florescent pretty little body on my window sill
and stared directly into my face as I was having my morning coffee before tackling the barn chores, that I need to make time for the fun things again.  It was as though it was telling me.....WAKE UP WOMEN....there's more to life than chores!  So this is me 

porch spinning 

under the watchful eyes of the Hooligans!
I'm back people!!!!
I'm plunging right in with a new knitting project too.  The Roselle Tee KAL with Patty Lyons.  I'm going to try and keep you posted on my progress and catch up with all of your blogs too.  But first I have to go mow the lawn.😩😩