Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Guarding the Yarn.....

Finally I have a moment to post!  Spring on the farm is crazy busy.  The lawn needs mowing literally every three days and I spent the morning taking back the barn from swarms of  carpenter bees with the help of the Orkin man.  I've been spinning and plying into the wee hours of the mornings in order to make enough yarn for my Roselle Tee.  I've managed to get two big skeins done and spent the afternoon

laboring over this steamy 

pot of yarny goodness.

It was 84 degrees out and the fact that I was using something called Polar Ice drink mix to dye it wasn't making things any cooler!

I enlisted the help of my hooligans new security team to guard it while it was drying on the back porch.

I figured no bird is going to be dumb enough to try and poop on it with those two fierce mugs staring at them!

So it's back to knitting tonight.  Only five more rows till the arm hole shaping.  I am seriously so far behind every one else in the KAL!!😳

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Knit, Spin, Ply, & Dye....

That's going to have to be the rhythm here going forward if I'm to keep up with everyone in the KAL.  
I've managed to figure out how to map out the pattern.  I've never worked from a pattern map before....heck I've only swatched to meet gauge once before this.  I probably shouldn't be admitting to this but I'm all about keeping it real.  I'm enjoying the pattern so far and I'm making pretty good progress.

I'm half way through the decrease section of the body shaping with....WAIT FOR IT.....no mistakes!  I'm pretty sure that's a first too!  Now don't get me wrong....there's been a few close calls but I managed to catch them before they became full out mistakes! :-)

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Now where did I put those snow boots??!!

This is what I woke up to this morning!!

This is the kind of thing that happened when I lived way up north in "THE MIDDLE OF NO-WHERE".  This is not suppose to be happening here......and certainly not in April!  One day I'm mowing the lawn and the next I'm shoveling.  Well that's a stretch.....this stuff is just going to have to melt because I have no intention of shoveling.  I left that activity up north!

 The old guy is going to sit this one out in his warm dry stable listening to country western music on his radio.  Talk about spoiled....although I'm sure he would prefer to be out rolling in it but it's all suppose to turn to rain later in the day and I don't want to be cleaning mud off him later.  I.....on the other hand am going to submerge myself into the Roselle Tee in front of a warm fire.  It's probably dangerous to be casting on and beginning a new pattern with all the Hooligans awake and under foot but it will be a good distraction from this awful weather.

I'm looking forward to learning some new techniques to improve my knitting skills.  Patty Lions has some really good tutorials that come along with the pattern and I've learned a lot already.  I had been using the Norwegian purl up until now not  realizing that this method was really messing with my tension and throwing off my gauge.  I've always hated purling and have had an awful time finding a way to purl that I could be comfortable with.  Patty suggests purling backwards or using the Polynesian method.  The purling backwards was a complete fail for me which is disappointing because the thought of not having to turn your work was appealing to me.  Her second option was the Polynesian purl and this method was a win win for me!!  I love it!  It was like a  "where have you been all my knitting life"  moment for me.  It's going to be another spin as I go situation but that's ok with me.  I have a couple big balls done to start
and I've managed to make gauge with my #5 Knit Picks Interchangeable needles
So yeah.....who cares if it's snowing out anyway!!!